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Ladies (and Gentlemen, sorta)....
Posted May 11th, 2010 @ 11:42 am PST

The U.S. now has a tall store! With clothing! For tall women!

Long Tall Sally opened in the Mall of America in Minnesota on Sunday. And the tall women of America rejoiced, in the knowledge that they are no longer threatened with unwanted nudity....

JetBlue Stands Tall
Posted May 9th, 2010 @ 12:00 am PST

As you know, I find it problematic when airlines only agree not to stuff you into too-small seats if you pay an additional $40-100 fee. This is insane. Thus, I was thrilled to do some work a few months back with an airline that actually gives ample economy legroom for everyone. Even tall everyones.

Here  is JetBlue's new website, where you can see me chatting with myself about the wonders of legroom and comfort, and here is a New York Times article.

p.s.: I think I'm setting a new record for professional photos taken of me touching my toes. It's like a specialty niche.

What Can Companies Learn From Tall Folk?
Posted July 17th, 2009 @ 3:53 pm PST

I just came back from giving a talk on how companies can profit by meeting the needs of the 35% who don't fit a size medium, and it went so well that I want to talk a little about it.

There's a lot of tall money to be made. As my book research showed, tall consumers have tons of dollars--and nowhere to spend them. To the point that many tall folks simply don't shop anymore, and grudgingly buy plane tickets and furniture only when necessitated. I am this consumer, I know her well. My needs are so poorly met that when a company provides even marginally-appropriate products and services, I think it's Christmas and tell all my friends.

This is not just a tall issue. The tallest 15% and smallest 15% are sitting ducks, just waiting to spend money with companies that address their needs. They are passionately loyal, and shopping feels more like supporting a good cause.

A few companies have figured this out--JetBlue's campaign to offer reasonable economy leg room is genius, and Tall Girl Shop, Long Tall Sally and Casual Male have all capitalized by providing clothing for the long-of-leg. There are also hotels that provide long beds, and European stroller companies that offer extensions. To say that these companies are beloved is not an understatement.

I speak alot about how companies can develop inclusive marketing strategies and product offerrings--how to find the tall and small folks to buy 'em. And the message seems to be getting through. Amazing things happen when tall folks voice their needs.

When Tall Authors Get Stuck in Chairs
Posted July 9th, 2009 @ 12:00 am PST

Today I did a very fun podcast for the New York Times Book review (you can see their review here!), and met the lovely Rafael Yglesias, 6'4", author of the novel  A Happy Marriage,which also just received a stellar review.

Rafael told me a story about a little trip he took to Broadway:
"I went to one of those old houses where the seats are not only draconian in the general cutting off of leg room, but they are also quite curved, so that to take advantage of what little space there is, you have to keep your legs spread wide."

In the middle of the show he forgot that he was in a public space, and, "thrilled by something in the show, I sat up straight, putting my feet together, knees directly toward the curve. I got stuck. My knees were wedged against the curve, my back flush with the seat, and for a terrible moment, I couldn't shift position at all.

Just so you know, I was a New York Magazine scribe at the time, and had I heard about this, I would've definitely written a gossip item entitled "Celebrated Author Stuck in Chair."

"I got a little panicked and wondered if the Fire Department was going to have to bring in the jaws of life. Reflecting on that possible humiliation, I twisted as hard and violently as I could and got my knees free--at the cost of wrenching my back so that I was in pain for weeks." Since then, Rafael has "spent thousands making sure that I have an aisle seat for fear that next time I will have to be rescued by New York's finest."

One more item for the long list of tall hazards! Sit carefully, folks.

What Products Don't Fit You?
Posted May 28th, 2009 @ 5:45 pm PST

What are the products that you really wish were sized differently? (I know I know, airplane seats. Besides airplane seats people.) Is there something that you just feel isn't made for tall people? This can be anything--the seating at Starbucks. The elliptical trainer at your gym. Kitchen appliances that don't fit longer fingers. The seating on your city's public transportation.

We're making a list of companies to contact over at the Tall Activisim page, so please email in your ideas.

Shoot an email to, with the Subject Line "Tall Products," and we'll make a little list here.

The Secret to Non-Awkward Hugs
Posted May 8th, 2009 @ 5:45 pm PST

Sometimes it's awkward being tall. Such as when it comes time to hug/kiss/otherwise-greet folks that are much smaller. This is particularly true when you're a tall woman (me!) hugging a much shorter man, and you fear smothering them in your cleavage.

I learned a secret while researching the book: Do it first. If you throw your arms out for a hug, you're deciding that there's going to be a hug, and which way the arms are going to go. If it's someone you don't want to hug (such as the opposite gender), clasp your hands behind your back and lean in for a cheek kiss. If you want to shake hands, throw your hand out for a shake. In short: Just do it, and do it first.

This strategy was a breakthrough for me. I wish someone had told me twenty years ago. Would've saved me some incredible awkwardness, like the time I was leaning in to cheek-peck my much-shorter New York Magazine editor goodbye, and he suddenly turned and I kissed him on the mouth. 

Why Tall Folks Don't Know What To Wear
Posted April 28th, 2009 @ 5:45 pm PST

In doing The Tall Book, I came up with a theory on why tall folks don't always know what fashions flatter them. There are indeed a few stylists out there who specialize in dressing tall, normally-proportioned bodies. One of the ongoing sagas of this project was trying to connect with some.

Because fashion people are HARDER TO GET AHOLD OF THAN CELEBRITIES. I spent three months leaving messages for one such stylist. I left messages on her personal answering machine, with her assistant, with her managing company, with her two agents, and at her office. She thought the book was a great idea! She scheduled a phone interview! She canceled, she rescheduled, she canceled. Repeat. The book went to press, fashion-free. This is why tall people dont know what to wear.

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