The UK Does Tall Right: National Stand Tall Week
Posted April 14th, 2010 @ 12:00 am PST

It's National Stand Tall Week over here in Britain, and I'm here working with Long Tall Sally on their fantastic campaign to spread the word about all the wonders of the tall life: Mainly, that tall Brits make roughly $800 more per inch per year, according to a survey they did last month.

I'm having a blast: I spoke at two store events this week, ostensibly signing books but mostly spending much of the time in the dressing rooms, which were like a party. I also did a set of morning radio interviews with the lovely Lisa Butcher, 6'0", who designs a line of clothing. When all was said and done, the UK was treated to eleven hours of our chatting! How about l save you 10 hours and 59 minutes. A few fashion tips I picked up from Lisa:

-avoid tops and dresses with a waistline. The waist can't be in the wrong place if there isn't one! Instead, stick to empire waists, or tops with vertical waist seams, not horizontal.
-make sure jeans pockets are centered Jeans pockets belong in the middle of your rear. Not the bottom. (If you're confused, consult a store mannequin.) Low pockets mean you're likely to have half your rear fall out when you bend over, another tall trauma that I thought everyone shared, but it's actually a problem of ill-fitting pants.


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