This Just In: People in Bookstores Exhibit Unusual Tall Behavior with Tall Book
Posted October 20th, 2009 @ 12:00 am PST

You probably don't know about the super-secret Tall Book team. There is one, and a pivotal part of said team is Bill the Barnes and Noble Guy. Today he writes in with an observation:

Just a casual observation: The book draws bizarre behavior from people when they pick it up to look at in a bookstore.  I've noticed that tall women act like they are doing some sort of guilty pleasure--like the book was an x-rated movie they wanted to see but are shy about admitting it.

I guess the subject matter of height gets people's attention but no one really talks about it out in the open. People look guilty when they see that I notice what book they are reading. Who would have thought the title The Tall Book would have so much effect?

Now I can check write guilty pleasure off my to-do list.

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The TALL Book [signed copy]The TALL Book [signed copy]
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