A Tall Girl's Dream: Being Able to Buy Cute Pants Anytime
Posted October 14th, 2009 @ 9:11 pm PST

As promised, some much-needed good news for tall women searching for clothes! There's a new friend on the tall block: Long Tall Sally, a hip tall women's company from Britain, is launching the first part of their plan to become the worldwide dominant tall women's brand. To which I say: It's. About. Tall. Time.

The deets: Long Tall Sally just purchased Tall Girl Shop's warehouses and Canadian stores and is planning their stateside launch. So yes, this is all a nice long silver lining. Us tall ladies have been waiting all our lives for an international brand. The truth of the matter is, the reason tall men all have stores right down the block is because they're owned by large, corporate operations that can order large, affordable batches of clothing. We need one too!

The U.S. website of Long Tall Sally just opened. The detail you must know about: Returns are free. Meaning you can order 17 pieces, and return 15 of them. Or 16. This is key for someone like me, who has never purchased a pair of jeans without trying on 10.

More soon, as I know it...

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