Sad News!
Posted October 6th, 2009 @ 8:42 pm PST

As many of you have heard--and emailed accordingly with a vast array of emoticons--Tall Girl Shop, the family-owned nationwide chain and one-and-only place for many women to get clothes, has declared bankruptcy, and will be closing their couple dozen stores at the end of the month. What remains is on clearance (!).

In my book, I told the inspiring story of Hazel Gould, a tall chemist who founded the store over a half century ago in hopes of having something to wear to work. The book also explores why it's so hard to find good tall women's clothing, while tall men have lots of options (in short: women's stores require 3 seasons of clothing a year, which is risky for small companies, and women are fickle shoppers. And the economy is tanking, making women more fickle. Seriously, we don't support our own stores.). I've spoken with Tall Girl, and am quite saddened to see them go.

However! I will  have some very happy tall clothing news, that I can't quite post yet, but rest assured: there  will soon be a great new place to buy clothes.

Update: No, I'm not starting a tall clothing company. Pinky swear.

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