Your Morning Depression, Brought To You By the NYT
Posted September 13th, 2009 @ 4:44 am PST

From Michael Winerip's "In Her Fifties, Looking for Love" piece, chronicling the single life of the lovely Christine Shiber, 57:

If it feels as if the remarriage odds are bad for a woman in her 50s, they are. According to 2001 census data, 41 percent of women 50 and over whove been divorced have remarried, while 58.4 percent of divorced men that age are remarried.

Thats the biggest remarriage gap for all age groups, said Dr. Francesca Adler-Baeder of the National Stepfamily Resource Center at Auburn University. Among the divorced, the least marriageables in our society are older women, highly educated who make a good salary.

Studies show men tend to marry down someone slightly younger, less educated, making less money, Dr. Adler-Baeder said. Women in their 50s literally dont have a visible pool of eligible men around them.

And if shes tall on top of that, Dr. Adler-Baeder said, the pools even smaller.

Ms. Shiber is 5 feet 9.

Sigh. I'd like to point out that Dr. Adler-Baeder is working under the very American assumption that a woman must-absolutely-must (!) date a man taller than she is. Or else the whole world order could be upended. Or something.

This is particularly nutsy assumption given that men in their fifties are much more comfortable with taller women in general. And that this one silly assumption cuts the already-small middle-aged dating pool down by two-thirds, and results in a lot of solo tall middle-aged women who would prefer not to be solo.

Ladies, try looking down from time to time. Or at least in a vaguely southwesterly or southeasterly direction. There's good stuff there.

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