When Tall Authors Get Stuck in Chairs
Posted July 9th, 2009 @ 12:00 am PST

Today I did a very fun podcast for the New York Times Book review (you can see their review here!), and met the lovely Rafael Yglesias, 6'4", author of the novel  A Happy Marriage,which also just received a stellar review.

Rafael told me a story about a little trip he took to Broadway:
"I went to one of those old houses where the seats are not only draconian in the general cutting off of leg room, but they are also quite curved, so that to take advantage of what little space there is, you have to keep your legs spread wide."

In the middle of the show he forgot that he was in a public space, and, "thrilled by something in the show, I sat up straight, putting my feet together, knees directly toward the curve. I got stuck. My knees were wedged against the curve, my back flush with the seat, and for a terrible moment, I couldn't shift position at all.

Just so you know, I was a New York Magazine scribe at the time, and had I heard about this, I would've definitely written a gossip item entitled "Celebrated Author Stuck in Chair."

"I got a little panicked and wondered if the Fire Department was going to have to bring in the jaws of life. Reflecting on that possible humiliation, I twisted as hard and violently as I could and got my knees free--at the cost of wrenching my back so that I was in pain for weeks." Since then, Rafael has "spent thousands making sure that I have an aisle seat for fear that next time I will have to be rescued by New York's finest."

One more item for the long list of tall hazards! Sit carefully, folks.

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