How to Survive a Tall Book Photoshoot
Posted June 16th, 2009 @ 1:04 pm PST

Today I finished my 6th Tall Book magazine photoshoot. Whenever models say that modeling is work and really hard, ignore them. It's fun. Really fun. There's a staff of 2-to-7 focused on making you look hot. And then you turn on good music and goof around and make faces at a lens for three hours. This, anyway, is what I do. Compared to my usual job of staring at a computer screen, it's professional ecstasy.

Tall photoshoots are particularly adventurous. Today's required standing on a tall rock in 4" heels in the middle of a Manhattan intersection at rush hour while the photographer risked his life in the bike lane to make me look "tall." Every time a truck honked I nearly fell off my rock.

Previous 'tall' photoshoot poses include: Me on a ladder. Me touching my toes. Me on a tiny four-foot podium in stilettos with nothing to hold onto. Me on an icy roof ledge.

Lessons learned:
1. Photographers are not particularly concerned with your personal safety.
2. Tallness only exists when others are in the frame. On our own, us tall folks are lovely and proportional and perfect.


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