Arianne Cohen
Photo by Barry J. Holmes
Writer. Tall people advocate. Outside-the-box thinker. Sex Diaries maven. Discoverer that chairs are bad. Non-monogamist. TV Producer. Winner of writing awards. Portlander. Constant thinker about the meaning of life, and how to make it better. Genesis of a whole episode of Martha Stewart. Connector of tall women to beautiful tall clothing.

Some details:

I speak around the world about body image, self-esteem and healthy relationships, including at TED-Youth Day 2011. I talked to 400 endocrinologists in the Netherlands. I like to talk.

I graduated Harvard, where I took 35 courses in 29 departments, leading to a junior-year situation known as Unlikely to Graduate Due To Lack of Major. I worked it out, and graduated magna cum laude .

I run The Sex Diaries Project., which is how I know that you can create any relationship(s) for yourself that youd like. It is also why I am a rampant advocate of safe sex. Condoms, people.

I have written two books and edited four.

I am a non-bitchy board member of Bitch Media, and treasurer of my co-op board.

I survived Turkey with no guidebooks and no language skills--just social media--and won the 2010 Society of American Travel Writers award for best service article. I also won a 2003 Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence award for my undergraduate editorial column in The Harvard Crimson .

I gained my reporting chops as a news reporter for the Cambodia Daily Newspaper in Phnom Penh, and returned minus an appendix, plus antibodies for dengue fever.

I was at one point one half of the countrys tallest couple, with my 7'2" partner. Then we broke up.

I live with Mabel the spastic poodle, who has behavior problems, in a house that I painted Alice in Wonderland-style.

My work appears regularly in publications including Elle UK, Marie Claire, The Guardian, The New York Times and Vogue.

I am always interested in new ideas and projects. Email me.

1. Ari's favorite food is ice cream. In New York city, a half gallon of ice cream is 1.75 quarts and costs $7. This confuses Ari.

2. Ari goes running every 48 hours. Long shin bones and higher body weight are not conducive to long distance running, so she would describe her running style as "Mangled Deer."

3. Ari has a new office space, where she's very excited about the organizational possibilities, and has had to actively hold herself back from buying out The Container Store. In an attempt to improve productivity, she's banned internet in her office. Unclear how long this strategy will last.

4. Ari is pronounced "ahhhh-reeeee", like "apple." Thanks.